The Best Work At Home Jobs

The Best Work at Home Jobs for skilled or unskilled professionals are listed below. There are many more categories of homebased jobs to consider, but these are the most common, legitimate and accepted employment opportunities that do not require travel or corporate offices.

Each state has different regulations about homebased jobs, contracting and payroll taxes. Be sure you learn the requirements for your state before you accept any part time or full time position. If you receive part-time income (fewer than 30 hours), you will often be paid under a 1099 independent contractor basis without benefits. Conversely, if you work 40 hours or more or derive more than 50% of your income from one employer during the year, you’ll usually need to become a formal employee and not a contractor. Check with your tax professional on the reporting requirements of independent contractors.

  • Writer / Blogger / Editor
  • Webmaster / Web Developer / Web Designer
  • Outbound Phone Sales
  • Call Center Inbound Phone Sales or Phone Support
  • Tech Support Specialist
  • Content Translator
  • Virtual assistant
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Travel Agent
  • Real Estate Agent

These job categories should not require an application fee, or ask you for any money to get involved. If they do require an up-front fee, be sure to check their references and find out why. Most scams require up-front fees and most legitimate opportunities do not.