Best Paying Work at Home Jobs Today

There was a time when the concept of working from home, and make a decent pay, was just but a dream.  Advancement in technology has brought us far, it is now possible even for typical employees with 9 to 5 jobs to stay home and still accomplish the tasks they could do in the office and have the same interactions.  If you think you work at home jobs are only for those who are between jobs, stay at home moms and computer geeks living in their parents’ basement, you are mistaken.  There are some great jobs that pay really well.  Have a look at these 5, there just might be one you are qualified for and could do comfortably from home.

5. Graphic Designer

Annual Salary: $50,000-$60,000
The internet is exploding at an unimaginable rate, with traffic and information growing by the second.  More niches are born daily and more and more people and websites find a place on the internet every day.  These people and companies need graphic designers to create eye-catching, reader-friendly content on the internet and they pay well for these services.  If you are a web designer, you can boost your career and make money as a freelance graphic designer.

4. Software Developer

Annual Salary: $55,000-$65,000
Software developers are some of the highest paid workers on the internet today.  These are people who design, develop, evaluate, test and publish software and systems that computers, tablets and smartphones use to carry out particular tasks.  Software development is also one of the fastest growing work at home professions in the US today, and it is not that complicated to learn.  The minimum requirements though is a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science

3. Public relations and recruitment

Annual Salary: $50,000-$70,000
PR has grown to become a job that most companies, even the largest with chain branches all over the world, resort to when they have staffing issues.
This explains why a public relations and recruitment processional pays so well.  You can be hired by a PR company or you can be your own boss and write press releases, arrange and host teleconferences, set up press events and reach out to reporters.

2. Financial Planning

Annual income: $60,000-$70,000
The work of a financial planner is a lot like that of a personal assistant or accountant, except that he only handles issues to do with money.  A qualified financial planner advises clients on such issues as cash flow management, insurance, estates, stocks, taxes and other incomes, expenditures and savings.  Although the term in itself seems amorphous, most clients often demand proof that one is qualified to be a financial planner before trusting them on such delicate matters.

1. Medical coding and claims processing

Annual income: $70,000-$80,000
The healthcare industry in the US today is a $2.4 trillion a year industry, which is roughly 16% of the economy.  Expert estimates are that over $600 billion of this figure goes to administrative tasks and claims processing, and most of it is outsourced.  The paperwork involved is often taxing for doctors and individuals alike and if you can handle it, then you can make money while saving them the trouble.  To do this though you have to be qualified and in some instances licensed before seeking medical coding and claims processing jobs.

Even if you are not qualified to do any of these well-paying jobs, most of them require only 6 months to one year training, and you can do that online as well.  If you are serious about starting a work at home career, these are some top options for you.