How to Survive Working at Home: Ideas for Office Returnees

Working from home

Though very alluring and rewarding, can be a very difficult way to make money largely because most people do not have the discipline that work at home jobs and businesses require to succeed. This is even more difficult from people who have worked in an office environment for years and are just switching to work at home jobs. If you are one of these people, do you think you have enough discipline to succeed? Will the downsides of working at home pull you down and waste your career?

Here are ways to survive them and prosper in your work at home job.

  • First off, you need to deal with the emotions involved in working at home.  This means preparing yourself psychologically, assuming that you already have the job to do, and getting ready physically too.  You need to get ready and take the job seriously, even when you are working in your pajamas.  You are more likely to succeed if you dress up and work just like you did when you worked in an office.
  • Set your boundaries because when working at home, the biggest problem is that there are so many distractions.  You probably wished to work at home in order to spend more time with family, pets or have more time to watch cable, but how does this affect your work.  Setting boundaries means having a separate work life from home life even when both are spent under one roof.
  • Have all the gadgets, devices and programs you need to work.  If you will be working over the internet, ensure you have a reliable bandwidth connection for your tasks.  You should also get an ergonomic chair and table and set up a corner as your work space or if you can afford it, have a separate room dedicate to work.
  • Set your limits and know what times are dedicated to work and which ones to home life.  Having regular work hours helps you concentrate more on work and know how much you can do – this way you will not end up disappointing the people you work for.
  • Get physical exercises every day and stretch out every couple of hours.  If you do what you love, you may not notice time pass by.  You may end up with a stiff neck or hurting eyes at the end of the day, and this can be injurious to your health and life.

It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to work at home, I have learnt this from experience.  These types of jobs can help you learn a lot about yourself and what you are capable of because in most cases you will work without supervision.  If you are just getting started, I hope these few ideas help you deal with the issues that former office workers often have to deal with.